Energy. Hm, what is that?

I’m part of this awesome group of women, the bizzy mamas, who are a constant support to one another as we each find our way as moms, wives, and business owners. Trying to manage it all, do it all, be it all. Struggling with feelings of guilt, as it is impossible to do it all without feeling like some task or some person or some goal is constantly getting less of you than necessary. That sh*t is exhausting. Not to mention actually parenting said children, being a good wife, being a rockstar business person. And if you’ve got a kiddo, or any family member, who needs extra time and attention and mental space due to a complicated medical history – I can’t even go there. So much brain space… so much energy.

Energy. Wait, what is that? Some of the awesome ladies involved in bizzy mamas have started this blog circle, encouraging our readers to find more inspiring women to lift them up. This week’s topic was ‘Tips to feel more energized’. My first thought was – darn, I’ve got nothing. I don’t have much energy myself these days, and I’m not sure if or when I will ever get it back. I’ve always been one to enjoy a good night’s sleep – that’s surely not to be happening for the next 15-20 years or so with two kids, and another on the way. And I do think proper sleep is a main factor in energy levels. I’m screwed.


But, as with most things in life, it’s much easier to direct other people on self-improvement then to implement said tips personally. Here is what I came up with, and what I actually do when I am being serious about improving my levels of energy.

  1. Get enough sleep. Most people don’t. When there are only so many hours in the day, it’s hard to resist staying up to actually talk to your husband (haha, I alllways fall asleep on the couch when I try to do this), get some laundry done, watch an adult show, or do something that you want to do that you didn’t get to during the day. Sleep is always the more restorative option. Make the effort to go to bed when you are tired, before you are falling asleep on the couch.
  2. Drink enough water. This is simple enough, but also hard to do. I love a nice, cold glass of water – but coffee, soda, and iced tea often seem so much more appealing. I’ve found though, that if I’m in a daze, drinking a glass of water really does help refresh my mind and give me a little reboot.
  3. Get outside. I hate the cold, and it’s starting to get cold out. I don’t want to go outside when it is cold, but again – your body needs fresh air and sunshine to rejuvenate itself. It’s basic, true, and a quick and easy energy booster.
  4. Speaking of sunshine – get it! Even if you can’t bring yourself to get outside, if the sun is shining, find a spot in your home or office or wherever you are, where the sunlight is coming in. Stand there for a few minutes and reap the natural benefits of the sun. Don’t freak out about skin cancer (and don’t freak out that I wrote that – your body needs some levels of Vitamin D from the sun, and it is ok to get a few minutes of natural light without sunblock on ) ** Personal opinion that I believe is actually a fact, but I’m not a doctor so don’t quote me.
  5. Look at your day and schedule some time that is not doing something for someone else, to complete a task, or to get something accomplished. Make time that gives you and your brain and your body some time to re-energize. No one does this enough, because we are made to feel guilty for not constantly doing something – that’s a bunch of … hogwash . It’s perfectly acceptable, healthy, and in my opinion necessary, to take some time ‘off’. Do it. 

So now that I’ve given you all the answers to be more energized, you are all set. And I am going to go and take a nap!

But before you do the same, head over to the page of Melissa Raffel of Busy Bee Personal Assistants and check out what she has to say about the elusive thing they call ‘energy’.

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Kristin Quinn is an experienced feeding specialist. Trained at one of the nation's top Children's Hospitals, Kristin is well versed in the complexities of feeding, and the impact feeding difficulties can have on an entire family. Kristin is passionate about helping parents find a plan that will work for them. Contact her today for more information!
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