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Women are notoriously hard on each other, and themselves. Life, in general, is hard. Being an adult is even worse. Being a mom can feel like the most thankless job on earth (I mean, you know, sometimes).

My point – everyone gets down once in a while, and for good reason.

If you’ve got a kiddo with medical issues or special needs, it’s even easier to get down on life and get down on yourself.

Here are some of my suggestions, for any mom (or person really) who needs a boost. But first, have a laugh at my expense:


If that doesn’t boost your mood, try these tips instead!

  1. Get offline. I’ve found that the constant need to be connected, to know what everyone is up to, to know what everyone is thinking, to be always available to others – is stressful. Not only does constantly checking social media drain precious moments of your life, it can incite – often unjustified, feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. Remember – people usually post their highlight reel, not their reality. Also, it is so easy to get annoyed, frustrated, or angered at something on social media, and then feel the need to engage that negativity. It’s better to step away, and best to PLAN a break in your day from the screen.
  2. Get outside. Fresh air is always a great place to start for a boost in your mood or a reset for your day. Whatever the weather is looking like, taking in a breath of fresh outdoor air can do wonders for your mental clarity. Try it out.
  3. Get some perspective. Going back to #1, if you’re feeling down about your life choices (mommy wars, anyone?), your kids health, or your house keeping abilities (I try not to think about this one), take a step back and think about why you are being so hard on yourself. It’s usually because you feel like someone else is doing it better or has it better – this isn’t necessarily true. Everyone’s got problems. I’m okay with, and recommend, a good pity party. But, when you are ready to move on – have a reality check and think to yourself … will this be important tomorrow? Next week? In a year? Am I just having a bad day? What can I do to change how I feel? Then, believe it, and move on.
  4. Listen to some great music. Music has a wonderful ability to lift your mood or help you release those negative feelings and emotions. Try it out, experiment. Find a song that makes you feel energized and happy. Find a few, and make a playlist.
  5. If all else fails -Treat yourself or plan something fun! A little self-indulgence can do wonders for your mood. I always get a mental lift when plotting out a glorious vacation. Science (somewhere) says that just the act of planning a fun event or trip can increase feelings of well-being, even if that event or trip never happens.DSCN0243

For more ways to boost a mood (see what I did there?), check out my friend  Liz  over at Small Steps Big Benefits to see what awesome tips she has for you!

About Kristin

Kristin Quinn is an experienced feeding specialist. Trained at one of the nation's top Children's Hospitals, Kristin is well versed in the complexities of feeding, and the impact feeding difficulties can have on an entire family. Kristin is passionate about helping parents find a plan that will work for them. Contact her today for more information!
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