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Kristin Quinn is an experienced feeding specialist. Trained at one of the nation's top Children's Hospitals, Kristin is well versed in the complexities of feeding, and the impact feeding difficulties can have on an entire family. Kristin is passionate about helping parents find a plan that will work for them. Contact her today for more information!

Try a Downward Facing Dog!

Yoga. Meditation. Controlled breathing. What a bunch of hippy dippy nonsen… oh wait, I don’t think that way anymore. When I was in high school, my dad and I had this fun bonding ritual – I would watch stuff on … Continue reading

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Boost a Mood

Women are notoriously hard on each other, and themselves. Life, in general, is hard. Being an adult is even worse. Being a mom can feel like the most thankless job on earth (I mean, you know, sometimes). My point – everyone … Continue reading

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Energy. Hm, what is that?

I’m part of this awesome group of women, the bizzy mamas, who are a constant support to one another as we each find our way as moms, wives, and business owners. Trying to manage it all, do it all, be … Continue reading

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So, I read a diet book, and you should too …

Small Steps to Slim by Ashvini Mashru, MA, RD, LDN is not a book I would normally be drawn too. I am already slim, slim to the point of people often wondering (sometimes out loud), if I have some sort … Continue reading

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Modern Day Super Woman

Time. There never seems to be enough time, yet there is an endless amount of time. Confusing, right? Like everything else in life – it is what you make it. Time can be a source of stress, and it definitely … Continue reading

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