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Where to turn for a child’s picky eating or feeding issue?

  So, there is a lot of buzz around ‘picky eating’. You know by now how I feel about that. It IS typical for kids to assert themselves at meals, and turn their nose up at food. However, it’s hardly … Continue reading

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Mompreneurs, A New World Rising

What does this picture have to do with anything feeding, parenting, or mom related?? Decide what you want to do, and do it. Be ok with how it turns out. Whenever I’m near the beach, I’m happy.  This was in Newport, Rhode … Continue reading

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Coming Full Circle

I truly believe in the sentiment that things happen for a reason. I can think of a purpose for most of the relationships and friendships I’ve had. I can look back and take a lesson from disappointments, stressful times, and heartache. … Continue reading

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Empathy, you give some you get some

No one understands your sick kid like you do. Sure, most parents can sympathize with having a child who is under the weather, but only you know how your child responds to illness, and what the signs of illness are … Continue reading

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I have all of the parenting answers, and I am always right.

My heart sinks every time I see a Facebook post by a new mom innocently looking for some support and advice these days. Little does she know she will be bombarded with many experts, and seasoned (or not so seasoned) … Continue reading

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