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Kristin QuinnKristin Quinn founded Toddlers and Tomatoes to empower and support families struggling at mealtimes. Her tenure as a behavior feeding therapist at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ignited a passion for helping families who struggle with a child's feeding issues.

As a clinical feeding therapist, Kristin worked with children of varying ages and with many diagnoses, including those with developmental delays such as autism, and complex medical diagnoses. While working with families at CHOP, Kristin realized that what parents needed the most was support, education, and guidance. Families need to understand the recommended treatments, feel like they are a part of the goals of treatment, and believe that they have the knowledge and power to carry through with recommendations for feeding at home.

Through the consultative services offered by Toddlers and Tomatoes, Kristin hopes to empower and support parents through their journey with a child who has feeding issues. Whether your child is a 'typical picky eater', or has more complex feeding issues, Kristin can help you develop a plan of action, connect with the appropriate services, and decrease the stress of mealtime. Most importantly, Kristin can be a constant support and mentor while you strive to understand your child's feeding behavior.


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